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Lake of the Woods is truly unparalleled - with over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline it offers some of the most diverse fishing in North America. The unique thing about the lake is that it is basically like 5 lakes in one with all of the different basins that have different water clarities and average depths.

A great resource for species specific fishing information and tips is More in-depth info can be found on their website.


Muskie season opens on the 3rd Saturday of June each year and is one of our most sought after weekends. If you want to fish opening weekend you will need to book early. Sabaskong Bay is world renowned for being a muskie hot spot. Most of our muskie guests return year after year.


In the spring weedy bays and shorelines are attractive to post-spawn muskies and will find most fish in relatively shallow water. The key concept to remember is the presence of healthy green weeds in the areas you are targeting. These weed beds and clumps hold numerous varieties of panfish and offer cover to conceal the ambushing musky. Start the season off by throwing "bass size" baits in the form of spinnerbaits, bucktails and crankbaits. Baitfish at this time of year will be quite small, and using baits in the three to five-inch range will mimic this preferred quarry best. Work your baits fast in the spring and remember to perform a "figure-eight" with your lure at the end of every cast.

Come summer, they move out of the shallows to deeper water. Many of the larger fish will suspend over very deep water. Trolling in addition to casting will bring success as well as increased speeds and larger baits.

Fall time calls for your biggest jerkbaits. Casting 8-12 inch jerkbaits into weedlines will guarantee a monster as muskie are gorging on baitfish at this time to put on weight for winter. 

big muskie morson sabaskong bay lodge
muskie fishing musky fishing lake of the woods
huge muskie lake of the woods morson sabaskong bay lodge
walleye fishing lake of the woods


Walleye fishing in Sabaskong Bay is excellent. We often catch a limit without even leaving sight of camp! We call the rock off Big Marsh Island, "Grant's Spot" as it is his go to spot to catch Walleye. Big Marsh Channel is everyone's go to spot to catch walleye in the fall. 

Walleye move from the shallow bays in spring to reefs and points as summer goes on.

walleye fishing sabaskong bay
big walleye lake of the woods fishing
walleye fishing morson
walleye fishing
walleye fishing sabaskong bay lodge lake of the woods
great walleye fishing lake of the woods
walleye fishing lake of the woods morson
big walleye sabaskong bay lodge morson lake of the woods


boy holding smallmouth bass in morson lake of the woods on sabaskong bay
Smallmouth bass fishing at sabaskong bay lodge
largemouth bass fishing sabaskong bay lake of the woods
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